Mould growth and exposure can hit anyone, anytime, just ask rapper Jay-Z. Why Rapper Jay-Z should have called MouldMen.

In a recent podcast, he revealed that during the recording of his new album ‘4:44’ he was ill from mould exposure. This was from one of his homes in LA.

“One of these houses I had out here had some mould in the wall and we didn’t know, so I go to New York and… I’m rarely sick, and I’m like, ‘I’ve been sick for two, three weeks (sic),’ and I’d been recording.” He explained in his recent interview for the Rap Radar podcast on his streaming service Tidal.

Jay-Z continued, “If you listen to (“Moonlight”) and if you listen to the vocals on “Smile,” (you can hear it).  It gave it a (sense of) vulnerability on its own.”

The illness made a sound in his vocals that he had to harness to make his hits. You can’t always make the best out of a bad situation. Being one-half of the worlds most powerful music couples they could afford to move immediately when the culprit was found. They probably didn’t even care if they broke the lease.  Sadly most are not as privileged and mould exposure can have devastating results.

Think of Actress Brittany Murphy and her husband. 

This beautiful young celebrity was cut down in her prime and her husband not long afterwards due to mould.  The cause of death in both cases was recorded as pneumonia and anaemia. Experts believing mould growth in their Hollywood home to blame for damaging the couple’s respiratory systems.

Jay-Z, the hip-hop mogul, who recorded 4:44 earlier this year, didn’t share any details about which property had been affected by mould. Only that it was $400k per month to rent. He and his wife pop Queen Beyonce have been renting different California houses for the past few years. They have been hunting for their perfect family home. We are sure they went over each prospective house with a fine tooth comb ensuring there would be no mould.

So if you find or suspect mould in your home visible or not, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. Even celebrities with rental price tags that blow your mind, and cleaning staff on the payroll are not safe from mould.

If only Jay-Z or his landlord knew of MouldMen, we would have gladly fixed it for him and put him in an “Empire State of Mind” daggy music pun intended. Why Rapper Jay-Z should have called MouldMen.