Time to check your Loved Ones Home

Time to check your Loved Ones Home

No, we are not talking about searching for long lost treasures that your grandmother “put away for another day” and now can’t find (although you might find a few of them), we are talking about mould.

If you’ve noticed your elderly parents, grandparents or other family members have been unwell or experiencing some unusual symptoms, apart from getting them to the doctor, it is well worth having a good look around their house for signs of mould growing that they might have missed, or might be hidden behind furniture or in air conditioning units and the like.

Mould can be a huge risk to those with compromised immune systems, and the elderly are considered at high risk due in part to suffering from other illnesses or just not having the ability to keep the maintenance up on their home like they used to.

There’s plenty you can do for elderly family members to minimise the risk of mould growth, including having the roof checked out for cracked tiles, broken flashing or rusted valleys, checking for leaking taps, particularly those that might leak behind walls like showers and bathtubs, having a moisture check done on the property, and ensuring areas around windows and doors aren’t leaking water in storms. Other areas worth checking out are under the laundry tub and kitchen sink or in the bathroom vanity.

Has there been a flood or water overflow through the property? Make sure you have the carpets checked out. Often it takes quite some time for carpets to completely dry after being flooded, and in this time, mould can grow easily and rapidly, and often without anyone noticing.  If the carpets and underlay are mouldy, have them replaced as soon as possible.

If you live a fair distance away from your family members, it may be well worth contacting a building inspector who can do conduct a full inspection on the property, including moisture detection in wet areas such as the bathroom, toilet and laundry. Organising a regular cleaner, either independently or through an in-home care program will also provide peace of mind to you, and ensure your family members don’t need to think about cleaning those often missed areas.

Here’s a few things you can remind your parents or grandparents to do to help minimise mould in their home:

  • Use the range hood fan when cooking. If they don’t have one, ask an electrician to install one
  • Ventilate by opening a window to let fresh air flow through and to stop a buildup of moisture
  • Use the extractor fan in the bathroom when showering and laundry when washing

If your elderly family members do have a mould problem, deal with the issue swiftly.   You can then be sure that your parents will be living in a healthy and clean home environment.

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