Smell the Flowers not the Mould. Casey noticed a musty smell in her bathroom and wanted to find the cause. She noticed that she had a small dark patch of mould spreading on the ceiling and growing in the shower.  Casey wasn’t sure what had caused the mould as she always turned the exhaust fan on when the bathroom was in use.  However, like many people during the winter months, she kept all the windows in her house closed. This was to keep the cold out, unwittingly allowing condensation to build up.  

Disgusted with the mould, she immediately found some household bleach and sprayed it through her bathroom.  The mould disappeared  although she was overwhelmed by the strong smell of the spray. Casey was happy to be rid of the problem, but for how long?

Don’t reach for the Bleach!

The first thing many of our clients do is ‘reach for the bleach’ or similar household cleaners when trying to remove mould.  One of the most common issues our clients come to us with is: “Mould keeps coming back even worse than before. No matter how many times I treat it with mould cleaner!  Why is this happening?” Your mould may look like it’s gone forever, however, what’s really happening is that the colour is being leached out of it. It will begin to reappear when moisture returns back to the area.  Your health can be impacted as you wipe affected surfaces and unknowingly spread the active mould spores. Smell the Flowers not the Mould.