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Shower Mould Treatment

Shower Mould Treatment

Mould will grow in showers when there is an excess amount of water building up. Mould will most commonly form on the walls and floors in particularly between the grout of the shower tiles. The two main reasons for mould growth are poor ventilation in your bathroom and high levels of humidity creating the perfect environment for mould to take hold.

It is not recommended trying to treat mould buildup in the shower yourself with household cleaners as these products only bleach the colour out of the mould and don’t remove it. Also, breathing in the fumes from over the counter mould cleaners can be a health hazard. Leave this common mould issue to the experts and have MouldMen treat your shower and leave it looking good as new!

Are you tired of mould coming back in your shower?


How can I prevent mould from growing in my shower?

Once your shower has been treated professionally, there are a few things you should do to ensure mould doesn’t return including;

Turn on the exhaust fan whilst showering and 30 minutes after to ensure all steam and moisture is evaporated out of your bathroom.

Open the windows in the bathroom to generate greater air-flow. This will help remove any excess moisture from the immediate area.

Squeegee any excess water from the shower screens, walls and any other surface to make sure that moisture is not left to build up.

So how can MouldMen treat your shower?

The team at MouldMen use our specially formulated solution to remove surface mould and then we fog the bathroom to ensure all the mould spores are eliminated. MouldMen treat your shower for a flat rate of $165.
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