Property Manager Resources

The documents listed below provide you with all of the tools to seamlessly communicate with your Landlords and Tenants on the subject of mould. To download select any image on the left of the document name.

Mould Prevention Checklist

A guide for everyone in the office including Sales People, Property Managers, as well as Landlords and Tenants. These are our top 10 tips for preventing mould within a property.

Landlords Frequently Asked Questions

A guide for Landlords to provide a brief education into the ins-and-outs of mould itself, the treatment process and ongoing preventative measures.

Landlords Guide to Mould

A tip sheet that you can hand out to new Landlords when taking on new managed properties. This can go a long way to ensuring that mould does not become an issue within a property.

Property Managers Frequently Asked Questions

A guide for Property Managers to assist with liaising with both Tenants and Landlords when mould is discovered. Once reported, a Property Manager can use this guide to answer many of the common questions.

A Tenants Guide to Mould

A tip sheet that you can hand out to new Tenants.


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