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Mould Reporting & Analysis

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This quote will identify where the mould is and how much it will cost to have it removed from your home. The team at MouldMen will provide you with general recommendations to prevent mould from coming back. If you wish to know the cause of your mould problem, we recommend a standard investigation report.

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Standard Report
The Standard Investigation Report will provide you with thorough information on your property’s mould issues including;

  • Areas in which mould is present
  • The severity of the mould
  • Moisture readings
  • Causes of mould
  • Technicians findings and recommendations
  • Treatment cost
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Full Report
For serious mould issues that need to be addressed and acted on quickly this report will include and identify:

  • Areas where your mould is growing
  • Causes of your mould growth
  • Technicians findings and recommendations
  • Air testing
  • Sample analysis conducted by Australia’s leading air quality specialists
  • Treatment cost
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