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Reporting and Analysis

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This quote will identify where the mould is and how much it will cost to have it removed from your home. The team at MouldMen will provide you with general recommendations to prevent mould from coming back. If you wish to know the cause of your mould problem, we recommend a standard investigation report.   Reporting & Analysis

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Full Investigation Report
For serious mould issues that need to be addressed and acted on quickly this report will include and identify:

  • Areas, severity & causes of mould growth
  • Thermal imaging, moisture & humidity readings
  • Technicians findings and recommendations
  • Air and/or surface testing
  • Sample analysis conducted by Australia’s leading air quality specialists
  • Quote for remediation
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Reporting and Analysis

To book in your treatment with your nearest technician phone us
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Reporting & Analysis

To book in your treatment with your nearest technician phone us on 1300 60 59 60 or you can contact us online.

Mould Testing

Schedule Your Mould Test Today to Keep a Healthy Home or Business Reporting and Analysis

Whether you’ve seen signs of mould or are simply suspicious due to a recurring cough or runny nose, you need mould testing. MouldMen offers a friendly, comprehensive service with testing, reporting and analysis available.  We have varying levels depending on your needs. Reporting and Analysis

The Importance of a Mould Treatment Company Reporting and Analysis

Mould infestations require deep and regular cleaning to prevent several significant issues:

  • Allergic reactions and illness due to mould spores in the air are common, especially among the young, old and already-ill. You may not notice a small to medium-sized issue at first when in good health. Those who are more sensitive to air contaminants are more likely to show respiratory issues if the problem is unidentified. With the help of a cleaning company this can be resolved.
  • Structural damage and decay are serious issues that can occur from unchecked mould growth. When mould gets into dark areas with access to humidity, it will grow and weaken whatever structure it is on. As the months and years pass, a need arises to replace or repair entire sections of buildings due to mould-related weakness.
  • Restaurants and other businesses with regular public interaction have another level of concern. Aside from the health risks outlined above, as a business owner you are expected to comply with strict health regulations. This is for the public well-being. Regular testing and cleaning of mould issues can help ensure that you pass those inspections.
Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Mould Testing Reporting and Analysis

It’s always a good thing to learn more about mould and potential trouble spots in your building through testing.  Sometimes people select the wrong style of analysis. We offer three distinct services to suit your needs:

  • Free Quote – Consider this the ‘entry level’ option, where you may not know if mould is present. If you recognise the importance of cleaning and removing mould, we’ll conduct an examination of the premises. Here we determine whether there’s mould present and provide you with recommendations on how to prevent it in the future. Further details, however, would necessitate a deeper look with either of the other two options.
  • Standard Report – This is the perfect option for those who anticipate inspections that may reveal hidden mould issues. Homeowners who are looking to sell or businesses that anticipate a health department visit should consider the standard report. This report uses thermal imaging, moisture and humidity testing to determine where mould is present. It also tests the severity of the mould, the causes and a quote for the costs involved with its removal.
  • Full Investigation Report – This is the choice for situations where the problem has become as bad and is visible either on surfaces or with respiratory responses to spores. This report will thoroughly determine the cause and extent of the mould problem and prescribe an effective, lasting solution. We’ll leave no stone unturned and examine the results with an analysis conducted by the leading air quality specialists.

Regardless of the severity of your need, MouldMen has a testing package suited to your needs.

Why You Should Use MouldMen

We strive to make the choice to use MouldMen easy. We have years of experience as a company working with clients of all sizes, from individual homeowners to rental property managers, hospitals and the government. Our friendly service starts with a free quote, and then works out a fair rate to handle whatever issues you may have in your home or business. Contact us today to schedule a visit from our company technicians.

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