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Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

Our services are available throughout South East Queensland from Noosa down to Tweed Heads and as far west as Gatton. Our team understands the sensitivity required
when dealing with maintenance issues for tenants. We take pride in our professional approach which ensures Property Managers, owners and tenants are considered appropriately. We understand your role as a Property Manager and we will always respect your instructions regarding the properties you manage.

Are you a Real Estate Agent with ongoing mould issues?


What can MouldMen do to help Property Managers keep their rent roll mould free?

Mould is a common problem amongst rental properties in South East Queensland. When the warmer weather and humidity hits along with the wet season, many Property Managers find themselves busy with mould-related maintenance requests. Adequate ventilation is essential in preventing mould growth. Unfortunately it can be neglected by busy tenants when required to ensure airflow throughout the house or remembering to turn on exhaust fans.

The team at MouldMen aim to provide tenants, owners and Property Managers with the knowledge and information specific to each property on how to maintain a mould free environment with our Mould Prevention Plan. This will show the tenants what measures they need to take to ensure the mould does not reappear.

Check out our treatment process for further information, alternatively for any work orders you can contact us online or phone 1300 60 59 60.