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Our Treatment Process

To eliminate all mould and mould spores we use a two-part process. We start by removing by hand all visible mould from contaminated surfaces, including ceilings, walls, cornices, windows and doors.

To finish the process, all airborne mould spores must be eliminated. Fogging is a safe method used to apply our unique chemical throughout the building using an electronic ULV cold-fogging machine. By fogging the internal environment, we leave your property in a mould neutral state.

This process eliminates 99.998% of all mould spores and odours related to mould. The MouldMen chemical bio-degrades within 48 hours and it is safe for occupants to re-enter premises just 3 hours after treatment has been completed.

Certain strains of mould can be a health hazard.

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Mould grows inside a property when a combination of moisture and poor ventilation gives the spores the perfect conditions to take hold on a surface.

Our technicians are fully trained to inspect, assess and advise on what is required to remove mould from your property. This includes conducting air and surface sampling which is then analysed by a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory. These samples can provide mould spore counts and mould genus breakdown which are very important where no visible mould is found but a smell persists.

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