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Are you seeking a home remedy for mould that is growing on your walls and ceilings that keeps coming back? MouldMen is a professional mould removal service providing an effective solution to restore your home back to normal.

The mould treatment you can count on, MouldMen, Mould Gone!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is mould growing in my house?

There is no set season of the year where mould will grow, it is an issue that can occur all year round. Mould will begin to form and grow on surfaces in your home when there is a combination of moisture and poor ventilation. If mould is left untreated in these conditions, it will typically begin to spread, becoming detrimental to your health and comfort of living.

How long does a MouldMen treatment take?

A standard MouldMen treatment causes minimal disruption to your life as we only require your home to be vacant for the duration of the treatment and 3 hours afterwards. This means we get your life back to normal in your mould free home on the same day.

Want to learn more about mould in your house?

If you want to learn more about the mould that could be growing in your home, contact MouldMen to organise a sample to be tested by the best environmental air quality specialists. It typically takes 5 working days for results to be delivered, in alignment with a NATA accredited laboratory, you will receive the most accurate information on the air you’re breathing in your home.

Will our mould removal treatment damage your paint?

This is a common question we get asked and the answer is no. In fact, the MouldMen team are often told after completing a treatment that the room feels like it has had a fresh coat of paint! However, mould does decompose matter and in instances where the mould has been on a painted surface for a long time, there can be underlying damage to the quality of the paint not obvious until treatment has disrupted the surface. This is a rare occurrence as mould issues are usually dealt with early on.

What is black mould?

Black mould is one of the most common colours of indoor mould. It is important to act quickly when found in your home as certain strains of black mould can be toxic and harmful to the elderly, pregnant women, people who are immune compromised and children.

Ceiling mould removal

Mould can grow on ceilings and inside roof cavities when there is a build up of moisture due to condensation caused by poor ventilation. The MouldMen team will not only treat your ceiling mould but educate you on ways that you can prevent mould from leaving its mark in your home!