“Oh no is that mould I see on the ceiling? Agh!  I can’t deal with that right now. Let’s just paint over it and forget it ever happened!” Paint and Mould -Truth be told!

If you’re thinking about painting over mould, please take MouldMen’s advice and think again!  We see many instances where people try the “easy way out”. They unintentionally make their situation much worse in the long run.  Mould does not appreciate being covered up and always finds a way to make itself known.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to start creeping through the paint. This leaving dull spots and often causing the paint to crack and peel.

Although there are mould resistant paints on the market, to ensure their effectiveness, the mould needs to be removed first. So before you get your brush ready, contact MouldMen.

We will give you a professional opinion on why the mould has occurred in the first place.  

If the underlying issue is not addressed, the mould will continue to grow back.  To ensure that there are no mould spores left on the surface before you paint, get the area professionally treated. You can then enjoy your painting effort or renovation for as long as possible.

Many of MouldMen’s clients remark that their property looks like it’s had a fresh coat of paint after a MouldMen treatment. You may save yourself the effort of painting by giving us a call!

Contact the MouldMen team on 1300 60 59 60 or go to our website www.mouldmen.com and get a quote in 2 minutes. Our Technicians are fully trained and very happy to help. Get mould gone with MouldMen! Paint and Mould – Truth be told! Paint and Mould – Truth be told!
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