MouldMen’s Mum Test

MouldMen’s Mum Test

 You open your front door to a gentleman who is well-kept, clean,  neat and tidy and just plain nice. From the moment he first speaks to you he is polite, knowledgeable, listens to your concerns and has a good chat about what his business can do to address your problem. You are comfortable with him in your home and you agree to go ahead with his services.

A couple of days later, someone completely different turns up to do the job. He’s unkempt, dirty from a previous job, in a bad mood, smells like he hasn’t used deodorant for the best part of a week and you wonder if he’s on parole. Something about him doesn’t feel right but he has turned up on your doorstep and says he has been sent out to fix the problem from the same company as the first guy you met with. What do you do? Would you let him in the door? This wasn’t what you expected, or wanted. 

The above is exactly what had happened many times to the founder and owner of MouldMen, Gerard Murtagh. As a young man he always worried about his Mum who was a widow and the contractors she needed to help fix things in and around their property. His protective nature meant he always tried where possible to be home for her when someone unknown was coming to the house. When he met and married his wife and then had a baby, those same protective feelings resurfaced. So when it came to starting his own business he knew he wanted  MouldMen to have a philosophy when hiring staff – if we wouldn’t send someone to our mum’s house to do a job, we won’t send them to yours!

Since MouldMens inception we have looked for and hired technicians and staff who fit the “Mum Test”. People who take pride in their appearance, are well spoken and polite, hard working, honest, non threatening, confident, and kind. Our employee’s come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common, they are really good people. We are proud to say all our employee’s have passed ‘The Mum Test’. Gerard’s Mum Jenny feels comfortable and safe with all of them, and so does his wife Emily, who is now a Mum. 

So what can you expect when one of our mould technicians turn up on your doorstep or our staff call you from the office?

Your first impression is usually on the phone or via email.  You can expect us to address you by the name you prefer, and you expect us to be open and truthful about what a job might potentially involve – we’d rather you have all the information up front, than to come halfway through a job and let you know more is involved.

Your second impression is our vehicles. They are always kept neat, tidy and clean-we also insist our employees drive safely, and with courtesy. You will open the door to someone who, like our cars are also clean and well presented.  Mould Removal can be sweaty work, so we stock spare shirts and deodorant in the car.  Our technicians are kind and understanding and happily have a chat with you both about your mould issue, and life in general, we want to make sure you are comfortable leaving us in your home. We can guarantee our staff are trustworthy, and truthful and that you can leave your home in our hands and come back to find it the same – minus the mould.

Need something else? We’ve got a sneaky suspicion if you asked one of our Mould Men technicians to help you move your chair a little closer to the window so you could get more sun, or to reach a book on a high shelf out of reach, they’d have no problems in doing so.

If you’ve got a mould problem, we’d love to help. Remember – here at Mould Men, if we wouldn’t send someone to our mum’s place, we won’t send them to yours!

For friendly advice on your mould issue from a Technician that passes our Mum Test, give us a call on 1300 60 59 60 or get a Quote in 2 minutes via our website

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