MouldMen Prep Flyer

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MouldMen makes its mark.

You’ll Get Fast Mould Removal – We Finish The Day We Start:
Our industry-leading mould removal techniques are both fast AND effective – meaning your home or property will be mould-free much faster than other options available to you. And we finish removing mould the day we start… so you can get back to living in a mould-free property.

The issues he knew the floods would cause, inspired him to research mould remediation and find the best possible solution.  He went to the US to meet with chemical engineers and other experts in the field of mould removal.  Then came back to Australia and started up MouldMen, and as they say, the rest is history.  Based in south-east Queensland, MouldMen provides mould remediation services to the insurance, commercial, real estate and private clients. We work across the region, from Noosa Down to Lismore.  Staring off as a one-man band with Murtaph at the helm, the business today employs 12 staff members. MouldMen makes its mark.

We’ve been significant growth over the past three years. 

We experienced growth of more than 600 per cent in one year, which was then backed up with another 40 per cent.  This year MoundlMen has achieved growth of 71 per cent.  We’ve had a bumper fourth quarter, our revenue is up by 114 per cent and that’s basically just from getting things right within the business.  While growth has always been a priority, Murtagh explains that in some regard he has held the business back to ensure its procedures and processes have been up to scratch first so the wheels don’t fall off during periods of substantial growth. MouldMen makes its mark. Y