MouldMen Mould Removal Products
That eliminate & inhibit mould growth

Nobody likes to see mould growing around the home

So if you have found a small patch or spots of mould in your home, you’ll want it gone quickly. Luckily, MouldMen now stock a range of DIY mould cleaners that allow you to safely and effectively remove and prevent mould in your home or commercial facility. MouldMen’s mould removal products are bleach and alcohol free with no harmful chemicals, making them safe and effective for treating surfaces around your home or business.

How Do MouldMen’s Rapid Mould Removers Work?

While traditional disinfectants kill 99.99% of germs, protection starts to wane after just 30 minutes. With the revolutionary Zoono technology found in MouldMen’s range of mould removal products, a molecular layer is created that can kill mould for up to 24 hours. When applied to a surface, Zoono leaves behind an invisible mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the surface without the use of harmful chemicals.

These molecules are antimicrobial polymers that bond to the surface and form a barrier of microscopic pins. These pins rupture the cell walls and kill the mould. This method of rupturing the cell wall prohibits the mould from growing and spreading.

When to Use MouldMen’s DIY Mould Removal Products

MouldMen’s DIY Mould Removal products are designed for both residential and commercial use on clothes and all surfaces. If you find small spots or patches of mould on your clothes, couch or bathroom, simply apply the product for effective prevention and treatment of mould for up to 24 hours. Coming in two convenient sizes, the 750ml Rapid Mould Removal Spray is great for treating mould around the home, whereas we also stock larger 20L drum kits for businesses and commercial facilities.

When to Call in A Professional:

Do not attempt to remove any patch of mould larger than the palm of your hand yourself. Removing large patches of mould can not only aggravate the spores, but it can also put you at risk of inhaling toxic mould spores. In the case of serious infestations, it is recommended to book a free inspection with MouldMen who can help remove the mould safely and provide a long-term plan to stop it from coming back.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve found mould in your home, you probably have a few questions. Here are some we hear every day.