It’s special isn’t it to see your cute kids splashing about in a bathtub filled with colourful toys! For those children that are reluctant bathers, toys act as a great incentive to get them in the water. Every new baby it seems is gifted with the traditional rubber ducky that has been found in family bathrooms for generations.  Did you know that this innocent little bath toy can be hiding a potential danger to children? Mould Gone Quakers.

Young children are known to put everything in their mouth and bath time is no exception. Babies sucking on a face washer is a right of passage as is squirting water from bath toys.  When water gets trapped inside a rubber ducky or squirt toy, hidden mould can grow. We have a client whose child had unknowingly ingested mould from a toy in the bath and was generally unwell for months.  The parents had no idea of what was causing it until they found black mould inside the bath toys. As children can have lower immune systems mould exposure can be dangerous let alone ingesting it.  The parents decided to remove affected bath toys and the child’s health quickly improved.

Please be aware of water pooling inside bath toys. Squeeze them out thoroughly after each use and dry the area to avoid excess moisture.  Be mindful that those innocent rubber duckies can harbour hidden mould and be dangerous to your unsuspecting kids.  If you would like to talk all things mould, or if you have any questions about mould in your home.  Give MouldMen a call on 1300 60 59 60.  Our friendly Technicians are always happy to help. Mould Gone Quakers.

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