Mould and Insurance

Mould and Insurance

Ah the age old question – “is that covered by insurance”?

With a raft of stories in the media over recent years of insurance companies not covering mould issues from storm damage or from insurance repairs carelessly done it might seem like you have an uphill battle on your hands, but there are a few things you can do to help your chances with having mould issues covered under your insurance.

For any storm damage or flood claims you should keep notes of when the damage occurred and what happened following the storm including any repairs and who did those repairs. It may be beneficial to have your home checked for moisture and mould after storm damage has been repaired. If, for example, you lost roof tiles and the joists in your ceiling, or the plasterboard got wet and wasn’t dried out properly, it is the perfect environment for mould to start growing.

When it comes to repairs, you need to remember to keep receipts and notes of repairs in a safe place. If it turns out the builder renovating your kitchen did a dodgy job and left a leaking pipe under the cabinetry, you need to have the information at hand for your insurance company.

Apart from keeping these details, there are a few good ways to work with your insurance company to put in your claim and potentially have it covered. It is always best to report your claim as soon as possible – by holding out on reporting it, you face the risk that the insurance company won’t accept your claim. Take photos and keep a list of any damaged personal items as well as walls, carpets, cabinetry etc.

Always remember to ask your insurance company if you need to keep a hold of damaged items. Because mould affected items can cause health issues, you may find they are happy with photos and descriptions and you can then throw the item in question away.

In many claims, negligence, like failing to maintain a leaking pipe, is decided on a case by case basis and is often difficult to get an answer on without putting in a claim. If it comes down to a maintenance issue, you might well find that repairs aren’t covered. You can do a few things to avoid negligence issues including having air conditioning units serviced, having leaking pipes and taps repaired and having regular termite inspections where a moisture detector is used.

Like any claim, it will all come down to what’s in your PDS. Your insurance might cover mould issues if it has occurred due to storm damage and not if it is from maintenance issues. If you’ve got a mould issue and want to know if it will be covered, your best bet is to read through your PDS thoroughly, or give your insurance company a call.

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