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Does Eucalyptus Oil Kill Mould and Mildew?

Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil known for its antimicrobial properties, but is it actually effective for killing mould and mildew? Let’s find out:  Does Eucalyptus Oil Actually Kill Mould?…
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pink mould

How To Prepare For Mould Season

Turning to the air conditioning in summer, or the heater in winter seems innocent enough, but did you know this also unknowingly encourages mould growth in your home? What many…
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how to clean mould from your bathroom

Moisture, Mould and the Lungs

Experiencing coughing, wheezing and allergy symptoms? You may have a mould problem. When exposed to mould spores, anyone with or without allergies may experience irritation of the nose, throat and…
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mould inspection taking place in home
Featured, mould removal questions

Mould Types – Which Ones Should You Be Wary Of?

Mould affects roughly 70-80% of Australian homes. That’s right, and there are thousands of species of mould that exist in Australia, all coming in various colours, textures and levels of danger. …
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technician talking to homeowner
Black Mould, Featured, mould removal questions

How Much Does Mould Removal Cost?

In order to remove mould and stop it from growing back, professional treatment is often required. However, the costs involved, coupled with a general misunderstanding of what professional mould removal…
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Technician Explaining Mould Cause to Tenant
Black Mould

Is Black Mould Dangerous?

Black mould is one of the most common mould types found in Australian homes. Their mycotoxin spores are known to infect humans and cause serious health problems with overexposure to…
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