How a game of Hide and Seek turned mouldy

How a game of Hide and Seek turned mouldy

Parents of young children have the difficult but rewarding task of keeping an eye on them and ensuring they stay safe whilst juggling the daily demands of a busy household.

During the early years, challenges may arise when young children have not yet understood their sense of self-preservation which may then lead to mishaps.  Playtime provides children with enriching experiences and it was during one of these precious moments of ‘hide and seek’  that our client, Amanda, found more than she’d bargained for.

Cosy inside on a cold Winter’s day, Amanda was playing hide and seek with her young son around her home. Like all adults vs kids games, she had been holding back her ability to find a human that is half sticking out and keeping it fun.  So when she saw his little feet behind the curtains, she left him giggling whilst asking “where could he be?”.  Little did she know that there was something hiding behind the curtain with him, because when she pulled it back, she was horrified to see the back of it was spotted with black mould!  Having no idea that this was creeping into her otherwise spotless home, Amanda gave MouldMen a call to come and save her family from further exposure.

MouldMen found the cause of the problem which resulted from condensation building up on the windows overnight, leaving a moist environment for mould to slowly take hold on both the blinds and the curtains.  Condensation forms when warm air meets cold surfaces so when Amanda had been keeping the windows closed to keep the cold out, she wasn’t aware of the importance of ventilation in the winter months.  Thankfully, she can now rest easy with the knowledge MouldMen have given her a mould management plan to keep the problem from returning.

So to ensure your game of hide and seek doesn’t end in tears, follow these simple steps to keep your home healthy during colder weather:

  • Open your windows at night (even just a small amount) to regulate the indoor temperature.
  • Or alternatively, run your air conditioner on dry cycle overnight.
  • If you find condensation, dry it up with a towel as soon as possible.
  • Make sure to open up curtains and blinds during the day to let sunlight in.

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