Don’t Let Mould Get Old! Healthy Home Check-up.

We all have those little jobs looming around the house waiting for us to find the time to get to them.  They usually come with kind reminders and helpful suggestions on how to tackle it from significant others.  But days turn into weeks, time flies by, and there it is still looking at you when next month rolls around.  Happens easily enough in our busy world. In the case of our client Judy, a small patch of mould turned into a big concern. It sat on her forgotten list of things to do for a little too long….

Judy and her husband were finally going on their long overdue holiday to Bali. They had been so busy in the lead-up, they had left a few jobs to tackle on their return.  One of those things was to find a solution to a small patch of mould that was growing on their spare bedroom ceiling. Nevermind, it could wait.

So off they went to have a great time. As an added bonus, while they were lying by the beach drinking cocktails, it was pouring with rain at home!

Welcome home

Coming home relaxed with their fresh tans, they unlocked their front door and started unpacking. They were greeted with a dirty new mould patch in their bedroom. Judy looked around the home and saw that her spare bedroom ceiling was now covered in mould. What a horrible welcome home!

Judy immediately called MouldMen to ask for help and within 24 hours, they had removed all of the mould. MouldMen found the cause of the problem, a leaking roof fueled by all the rain they had missed out on.  Judy now had a fresh, transformed home and armed with the steps needed to fix the cause of the mould. She was able to move forward from the bad experience in record time.

So when you notice mould appearing in your home, don’t leave it to the last minute, letting it silently spread.  Catch mould as soon as it starts to appear, don’t let it grow old and take hold!  There is always an underlying reason for mould growth and the professional team at MouldMen have years of valuable experience.  Give MouldMen a call and get mould gone straight away! Healthy Home Check-up.

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