We can all agree that mould is pretty unsightly and the last thing you want your family and friends to see when visiting over the holiday season is mould in the shower and bathroom.

There’s no way to get around the bathroom being a damp and darker room in the house and unfortunately this means mould can grow quite quickly. So, we’ve put together a list of tips to ensure your bathroom, and your shower, remain mould and mildew free.

  1. Dry the shower every night. Drying the shower out every night is quite simple – just use a small squeegee to wipe away the excess water on the shower screen and walls. Alternatively, you can use a dry cloth to wipe down the shower.
  2. Run the exhaust fans or open a window. One of the easiest ways to stop the build up of mould and mildew in your bathroom is to simply turn on the exhaust fan or open the window. The exhaust fan will allow air to move around, dissipating the damp air while an open window will allow both fresh air and light into the bathroom. It’s a good habit to keep the exhaust fan running for an extra 30mins following a shower.
  3. Clean 2 – 3 times a week. Your bathroom doesn’t need a deep clean two to three times a week, but a simple wipe over of the shower, vanity, mirror, toilet, windowsill and blinds will help to prevent a build-up of not only mould and mildew but dust and dirt.
  4. Clean the shower floor and grout. Often we clean the shower screen and the walls but we forget about the shower floor and the grout (for tiled showers). You may not even remember to clean the floor of the shower until it starts to feel quite slippery from a build-up of soap residue. To clean the shower floor, use a good shower cleaner that will cut through the soap residue and pay particular attention to the grout. It is easy for mould to grow in the tiny little holes in grout, so you may also wish to reseal the grout every year or so.
  5. Remove soap residue build-up. You’ve removed the soap residue from the shower screen and floor but what about from your soap holder? This often forgotten place is the perfect place for mould to grow without you even realising it! Make sure you wipe it down every two to three days.
  6. Clean the shower head. The humble shower head – one of the most missed areas when it comes to cleaning your bathroom! There are a couple of ways you can do this. The first is to use an old toothbrush and dislodge the mineral build up by scrubbing the shower head. The second is to put some vinegar in a bag and place the bag over the shower head. Secure in place and leave for an hour then simply run the water for a couple of minutes to clear the vinegar. All you then need to do is add a quick clean of the shower head to your monthly cleaning.
  7. Replace the shower curtain. While a lot of homes now have shower screens there are still plenty of shower curtains out there and they are an absolute breeding ground for mould spores. They often aren’t dried out properly and are left hanging wet and bunched up. If you do have a shower curtain, make sure it gets a good dry out every couple of days and keep an eye on it – as soon as you notice mould, it’s time to throw it in the bin and get a new one.

Cleaning your bathroom shouldn’t be a big task if you keep on top of it. Regular cleaning and nightly drying of your shower will help stop opportunistic mould from growing and will ensure your bathroom looks great. Of course, if you do find mould in your bathroom, give MouldMen a call on 1300 60 59 60 for some friendly advice on your mould issue and get your Mould Gone just in time for the influx of visitors over the holiday season.