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Commercial Mould Removal

Commercial Mould Treatment

MouldMen specialises in mould removal and air quality control for commercial clients. We have extensive experience operating in working environments, schools and universities where we sometimes see a drop in productivity due to poor indoor air quality causing;

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of concentration
  • Irritation to skin, eyes, and throat

Do you want to be sure that your work environment is safe and healthy for your staff, students and customers?

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The team at MouldMen have ongoing relationships with hospitals, schools, universities, day care centres, construction companies, and government bodies across South East Queensland.

We work with our corporate clients to remediate mould, but primarily to maintain good air quality within their buildings to ensure your workplace remains comfortable and productive.

Testing, reporting and maintenance is key to ensuring your staff, visitors and students are not affected by Sick Building Syndrome.

Want to know what levels of mould are growing in your working environment?

If you want to know what levels of mould could potentially be growing in your building, then have MouldMen complete testing. MouldMen use a NATA Accredited Laboratory of the highest professional standard, therefore you can have complete confidence in the test results.

Samples require 5 days to be cultured and analysed before results are available.

Check out information regarding our Reporting and Analysis process or alternatively contact us to get your treatment process underway!