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We eliminate all black mould and related odours from your property, fast. Our mould removal treatment is effective, 100% safe and usually completed the same day we start. So you can return to a mould-free home sooner.
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Leave Black Mould Removal to the Professionals.

Attempting to remove black mould without the right equipment and expertise could risk releasing airborne spores into your property – making the problem worse. So, if you suspect you have a black mould issue, leave it to the experts.

Learn about our process below…

Free Mould Inspection & Causation Reports

When it comes to black mould, you need to know what you’re up against. At your convenience, our technicians will conduct an inspection of your home and provide you with a comprehensive findings report. This report will include the cause of the black mould, photos, moisture and humidity readings, mould spore analysis, recommendations for treatment and a transparent quote.

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Our Black Mould Removal Treatment is Effective & 100% Safe

After your free inspection, we then begin our 2 part mould removal treatment process. First, our technicians will remove all visible black mould from the affected surface area. Then, they apply our non-irritant, water-soluble misting treatment solution to eradicate any remaining airborne spores and odours. This solution is 100% safe and environmentally friendly – it’s food, kid, pet and plant safe and naturally biodegrades in 48 hours. We only need you to vacate your home for the duration of treatment and 3 hours afterwards. Safe, effective treatment, with minimal disruption to your life.

Better yet, we make it easy to prepare for. Simply, open the blinds, put food away, move any furniture away from the affected area and take your pets with you before we arrive for treatment. We’ll take care of the rest.

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We Take Care of You After Treatment

We don’t just remove black mould, we know how to prevent it from coming back. At the conclusion of your treatment, you’ll also receive a Mould Management and Prevention Plan tailored to your home. Our technicians will provide you with detailed guidelines and recommendations to prevent any black mould from returning.

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1000s of Satisfied Customers

Louie Veleski

12 Days Ago
David and Rob from Mould Men cleaned one of our air-conditioning units and did an excellent job!! They were very friendly and gave us some great tips on how to…

Kim Porteous

15 Days Ago
Excellent service – from the consultation, communication and service on the day ? Staff could not have been nicer or more helpful with information.  Service was completed under the expected…

Byron Hayes

17 Days Ago
Mouldmen did an incredible job of our bathroom this morning and totally exceeded what I thought was possible! It was so refreshing to have a trade arrive early, explain clearly…

Nicole Krampl

22 Days Ago
If anyone has an issue with mould in their home, these guys are amazing – they found and removed all visible mould (there was a lot), as well as checking…

Michelle Moir

25 Days Ago
Gerard was so professional and quick to help us when we had water through our house recently. Helped us with everything we needed to know so that mould spores do…

Lisa Barnes

A Month Ago
This was my first time working with MouldMen. I was given top-notch customer service from beginning to end. The lady on the phone was very knowledgeable and helpful, and she…

Our Free Inspection Process Makes it Easy

Getting rid of mould doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. Simply fill out our free inspection form, we’ll organise a suitable time to meet at the property at your earliest convenience and our technicians will take care of the rest.
Mould Remediation Process

Step One

Reach Out To Us

Call, email or submit a website form and one of our friendly staff will contact you to schedule a convenient time for your inspection.

Step Two


We’ll arrive on time to complete thorough visual inspection, record moisture and humidity readings, and identify moisture sources and the likely cause of the mould.

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Step Three

Report & Quotation

We will generate an image based report specific to your property, provide treatment recommendations and an affordable quotation to remove the mould.

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All our technicians pass ‘The Mum Test’

We get it, between the hazmat suits and the high-tech equipment, mould removal can be confronting. That’s why all our technicians pass ‘the Mum Test’. So, if we wouldn’t send them to our Mum’s home, we won’t send them to yours. All of our technicians are friendly, presentable, professional and punctual with an expert eye for detail. So you can feel safe and comfortable during your property inspection.

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We Can Remove Even the Most Stubborn Black Mould

 Our mould remediation process works… But don’t take our word for it, the results speak for themselves. Drag the slider from the photo below to see result.

Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Mould

If you’ve found black mould in your home, chances are you have a few questions. Here are some we hear every day.

Dehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Black Mould

What is Black Mould?

Finding mould in the home or property can be an inconvenience, however, there are some strains of mould that are considerably more dangerous than others. Black mould (or toxic black…
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Black Mould, Featured, mould removal questions

How Much Does Mould Removal Cost?

In order to remove mould and stop it from growing back, professional treatment is often required. However, the costs involved, coupled with a general misunderstanding of what professional mould removal…
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Technician Explaining Mould Cause to Tenant
Black Mould

Is Black Mould Dangerous?

Black mould is one of the most common mould types found in Australian homes. Their mycotoxin spores are known to infect humans and cause serious health problems with overexposure to…
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