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Bathroom Mould Treatment

Bathroom Mould Treatment

If your bathroom is in frequent use there may be a number of reasons why mould is building up on your walls and ceiling. In a standard 3-4 bedroom house with one bathroom the shower is in use on average 8 times a day and often with no exhaust fan! This will cause the steam from the shower to condensate on the ceiling and walls of the bathroom, creating a damp and mould hospitable environment.

Hanging damp towels and bath mats in a poorly ventilated bathroom will also provide the perfect condition for mould to grow, sometimes even on the towels!

The Bathroom is the most common place for mould to grow due to the increasing levels of moisture and humidity.


It is unfortunately common to see bathrooms where the silicone seals in the shower are worn out, causing water to sneak in under the tiles, in gaps between walls and sometimes under the carpet in the room next door. This can go unnoticed until it becomes a big problem with hidden mould growth. Sometimes, the only indication this has occurred is an unpleasant musty smell lurking in your house. Fortunately, MouldMen is here to help in these situations.

So how can we help you achieve a nice clean bathroom?

With our specially formulated two part process our technicians at MouldMen will firstly wash down your walls and ceilings with our product. Once all the surface mould is gone we will then fog the bathroom to ensure all the airborne mould spores are eliminated. Whether you are a home owner or tenant we will provide you will a complementary Mould Prevention Plan to ensure mould doesn’t return! Our bathroom package is a flat rate of $330 and if you have a second bathroom that needs to be treated our technicians will arrange a discount for you. To book in your treatment call our friendly team on 1300 60 59 60 or you can contact us online.