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MouldMen apply expert local knowledge, genuine experience and a calm manner to an often stressful situation. Most importantly we return your home back to normal as soon as possible.

About Us

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How MouldMen Began

In 2011 the South East Queensland floods devastated the region and left the area with a huge clean-up. Like many locals, there was no hesitation from MouldMen’s Founder, Gerard Murtagh in offering his help to clear debris and clean homes. During the clean-up, Gerard realised that the increased moisture levels were going to cause a significant mould issue. With the intention of offering further help, he was inspired to research mould remediation to find the best possible solution.

Gerard discovered that the United States was at the forefront of mould remediation and legislation, so he travelled to New Orleans where he met with the experts working on the front lines of the Hurricane Katrina clean up. While there, he was fortunate to be mentored by leaders in the field of mould management and removal. Gerard returned to Australia confident in his product knowledge and the process for mould remediation that was not only innovative but world class.

Since 2011, Gerard has positively impacted countless homes and properties by offering an efficient and effective solution to resolve mould issues. He continues to strive for knowledge, researching ways to ensure MouldMen is the best mould removal service in Australia.

The MouldMen team is proud to announce that we’re expanding our operating area and will no longer be a predominantly South East Queensland company. We will now offer the same professional service and effective mould treatment to homes and businesses throughout New South Wales and Victoria.

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