A Mouldy start to a Holiday

A Mouldy start to a Holiday

It’s the holiday you’ve been looking forward to – whether it’s your first break away from the kids or the first time you’ve had a proper break in five years, you’re expecting it to go without a hitch….

Until you arrive.

Imagine opening the door of the apartment at your dream holiday destination, only to find or smell mould, and lot’s of it.

What do you do? What exactly are your rights?

Talk to Reception

The first thing you need to do is calmly speak with reception or the manager regarding the issue. Keep in mind that the people you speak to likely aren’t the cleaners, so they may have no idea of the issue. Explain what you’ve found and where, and ask to be changed to another room.

If another room is unavailable, request the manager to find you another comparable property to stay at. Ensure you are issued a refund, and ask for any excess costs to be covered by your original booked accommodation venue.

A Chance to Rectify

In many cases, an accommodation venue will rectify issues with cleanliness and mould, and will do so in a timely manner. It is always a good idea to give the accommodation provider a chance to rectify the issue, and if you are planning on making a complaint through the Office of Fair Trading for example, you will need to show that you have provided the opportunity to fix the issue.

Protections in Place

As a consumer, your rights are protected under Australian Consumer Law and consumer guarantees mean accommodation services must be safe and of acceptable quality.

If you have no luck in talking to the accommodation provider and they refuse to refund you the money paid or provide you with alternate accommodation, there are steps you can take including speaking to your local Health Department, the Office of Fair Trade in the state the accommodation is in, to the head office for the accommodation if they are a chain, or to any accommodation associations your accommodation may be part of.

Many accommodation providers will happily step up to the plate if there is an issue with your accommodation, whether it be cleanliness or mould issues or something else entirely. Remember that being polite to reception staff or management will get you a speedier and more positive outcome than going in with all guns blazing.

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